SPRAYING HAPPINESS: Connecting hearts and initiating change through genuine conversations

SPRAYING HAPPINESS: Connecting hearts and initiating change through genuine conversations

The “Spraying Happiness” campaign stands as a refreshing testament to the power of human interaction, kindness and genuine conversations. 

This collaborative effort between Clothes Don’t Maketh the Man (CDMTM) Season Two and Jass Perfumes emerged as an initiative that not only resulted in brand awareness but also sparked meaningful connections between strangers. Here is the heart and soul of the “Spraying Happiness” campaign, its motivations, impact and the unexpected revelations that transpired during this extraordinary endeavour.

Initiating conversations: A call for meaningful connections

In a society where social norms sometimes discourage interactions with strangers, the “Spraying Happiness” campaign took a bold stance. With an aim to restore the art of conversation and cultivate authentic connections, all 38 participants of the CDMTM Program embarked on a journey to surprise strangers with gift perfumes sponsored by Jass Perfumes. The underlying belief was that if these young men could initiate conversations respectfully and meaningfully, it could help them understand the power of connections and possibly a ripple effect of positive societal change could ensue.

Breaking societal barriers: Unveiling the awkwardness

The campaign held a mirror to societal norms that often discourage conversations with strangers. Whether on flights, trains or buses, the reluctance to engage in dialogues with unfamiliar faces has become commonplace. The “Spraying Happiness” campaign aimed to shatter this awkwardness, reminding individuals of the shared human experience that transcends superficial boundaries.

A shift from intensity to joy: Spraying Happiness

Within the backdrop of the intense activities that characterised the CDMTM program, the “Spraying Happiness” campaign introduced a refreshing element of joy and ease. Unlike other challenges this campaign felt effortless and enjoyable for the finalists. The act of gifting perfumes and engaging in conversations resonated deeply with their natural instincts to connect and spread positivity. This transition from intensity to joy mirrored the campaign’s core message of fostering connections that transcend societal norms.

Impact beyond branding: Prioritising social change

The collaboration between CDMTM and Jass Perfumes embraced an unconventional approach to branding. Rather than prioritising brand visibility, the focus was on creating a social impact. This approach was rooted in the belief that if genuine connections were established and conversations flourished, the brand’s benefits would naturally follow. The campaign exemplified the idea that impact takes precedence over branding and that meaningful change resonates far deeper than quick marketing gains.

Reciprocation and willingness: Unexpected surprises

One of the most enlightening revelations of the campaign was the reciprocation and willingness exhibited by strangers to participate in conversations. Contrary to the boys’ expectations, interactions were met with open hearts and enthusiasm. The warmth of the participants’ intentions and the beauty of handwritten notes seemed to transcend social barriers. This unexpected willingness demonstrated the universal hunger for connection and highlighted the power of simple acts of kindness.

The fusion of Self-Love and Selflessness: Finding the Number One

At the heart of the campaign was a powerful message: the concept of finding and taking care of one’s “Number One” in life. This idea encompassed both self-love and selflessness, merging these seemingly distinct ideals into a single, impactful concept. By reminding people to prioritise themselves and their loved ones through hand-written notes stuck on the Jass Number One perfume bottles by the boys, the campaign bridged the gap between individual well-being and meaningful connections. It revealed a dynamic interplay between self-love and the desire to engage with others in a mutually fulfilling way.

Origins of “Spraying Happiness”: A tale of values

The essence of the “Spraying Happiness” campaign finds its roots in the values and ethos that drive SFP Sons, the visionary company behind Jass Perfumes and other national and international brands. Founded with a focus on fostering peace, fulfilment and happiness within the company culture, Mr. Dinesh Patel, Founder & Managing Director, believes that business and compassion can coexist harmoniously. And this is how he has lived his life. Drawing inspiration from this founding principle, the “Spraying Happiness” campaign was conceived as a reflection of the brand’s belief and a testament to the transformative power of human connection.

The Way Forward: A Path of Collaboration

The “Spraying Happiness” campaign isn’t a one-time effort; it’s a stepping stone toward fostering a culture of connection and compassion. With a vision of extending this social experiment, the collaboration between CDMTM and Jass Perfumes opens doors for further partnerships. By teaming up with other brands that share the commitment to positive societal change, the initiative seeks to amplify its impact, creating ripples of transformation that extend far beyond the realm of business.

This initiative is a reminder that genuine conversations have the power to reshape societal norms, fostering a culture of empathy, understanding and unity. By choosing to prioritise impact over branding, the campaign demonstrates the potential for change when compassion takes the lead. As the “Spraying Happiness” journey continues and collaborations grow, we are reminded that the smallest acts of kindness and connection can pave the way for a brighter and more connected future.


SPRAYING HAPPINESS: Connecting hearts and initiating change through genuine conversations by Kal Kalim

XPLAINED is our initiative to share, collaborate, learn and communicate with absolute transparency. The author, Kal Kalim, is a Melbourne based fashion photographer, brand strategist and communication designer who has worked with fashion and lifestyle brands in Europe, Asia and Australia over the last two decades. He believes in the power of authenticity, creativity, originality, kindness and purpose. Purposeful and meaningful communication is at the core of every campaign or collaboration that he likes being a part of. Kal especially loves working with brands & businesses that strengthen local communities and are inspiring the next generation of creators, designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs to be authentic, creative & kind.

Kal also manages an educational & learning-style beauty pageant & modelling academy called ASOTY ( Australian Supermodel of the Year ). ASOTY is focused on helping girls discover their inner beauty and the true supermodel within them. And prepare them for the fashion and beauty industry through relevant coaching & ongoing mentoring. A similar program for men was initiated in India too during the pandemic. CDMTM ( Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man ) is world’s first hybrid program focused on coaching and grooming men towards becoming a better version of themselves. 

Kal loves travelling, and collaborating with people who want to make this world a better place through their word, walk and work.

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