XPLAINED: A deep dive into our adventures, projects & initiatives

XPLAINED: A deep dive into our adventures, projects & initiatives

With  XPLAINED, we are thrilled to showcase a rainbow of exciting projects from our flagship initiative, the Australian Super Model of the Year (ASOTY), to Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man ( CDMTM ) to Sister-Hood Enterprise ( SHE ) and the list goes on.

XPLAINED,  serves as a hub designed to simplify how we share details about our diverse range of projects, initiatives and collaborations in Australia, India & Indonesia.

It is built upon our core principles of meaningful and purposeful collaborations, represented by the letter X. We firmly believe that by joining hands and leveraging the power of meaningful collaborations  ( www.xollaborations.com ), we can achieve results that go beyond our individual capabilities. X serves as a dynamic force that brings together brands and creatives to dream, design & deliver futuristic projects.

In line with our commitment to transparency and authenticity, we have adopted the PLAINtalk approach firmly believing that honesty and integrity are the foundation of meaningful relationships and fruitful collaborations.

ED stands for our approach rooted in our love for education, and in inspiring & empowering brands & individuals to unlock their full potential. Through educational programs, coaching, mentorship and thought-provoking content, we continue to support responsible & emerging brands, models, influencers and designers who are on their journey towards a purposeful future.

With a blend of creativity, strategic thinking and responsible collaborations, we will continue to craft powerful campaigns, meaningful content and innovative solutions that resonate with our vision of Supporting Local, Sustainability Steps and Sister-Hood Enterprise. Our goal is to empower brands to make a positive impact and establish long-lasting connections with their audience. By fostering a collaborative spirit and providing a space for creative minds to unite, we are enabling ideas and initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries.

XPLAINED is our initiative to share, collaborate, learn and communicate with absolute transparency.


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