PIONEERING CHANGE: The heart behind the Australian Supermodel of the Year Initiative

PIONEERING CHANGE: The heart behind the Australian Supermodel of the Year Initiative

The Australian Supermodel of the Year initiative is a heartfelt response to a call for change In a world where fashion and modelling often feel exclusive. As someone fortunate enough to be part this journey, I want to share the reasons behind its creation, its core vision and how it’s making a difference for aspiring models, brands and communities alike.

A Vision of Change

“Join our journey towards a truly inclusive, truly diverse, truly meaningful, truly purposeful, truly sustainable, and truly responsible world of modelling and fashion.” These words encapsulate the essence of the vision behind the Australian Supermodel of the Year initiative.  Our shared vision is to foster inclusivity, meaning, purpose, sustainability and responsibility. This vision is more than just words, it’s a commitment to welcoming everyone regardless of who they are or where they come from into the fold of our industry. It’s a vision that redefines not only what beauty means but also what fashion can stand for—a space that embraces, empowers and uplifts.

Our Mission: Pathways of Empowerment

The heart of the Australian Supermodel of the Year beats for the future of modelling. It’s about creating opportunities that go beyond appearances and into the realm of personal growth. Through connections that foster lifelong friendships, transformational learning, travel experiences and ongoing mentorship, we’re opening doors that lead to empowerment. It’s my genuine hope that our initiative becomes a catalyst for models to embark on a journey that nourishes their spirits, amplifies their voices and fuels their aspirations.

Why Now? Because Change Can’t Wait

The world is changing and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that the modelling industry keeps pace. The time is now for an initiative that responds to the growing demand for inclusivity and authenticity. ASOTY is a humble response to these calls—a way of saying that we hear you, we’re with you and we’re committed to creating a space that echoes your values and aspirations.

From the very beginning our focus has been on training and equipping aspiring models with the right tools needed to be successful in the industry. We understand that it’s not just about walking down runways or posing for the camera. It’s about embracing your story and celebrating your uniqueness. To all the young dreamers out there, this initiative is a testament to the fact that your voice matters. It’s my sincere belief that by providing mentorship, transformative learning experiences and connections that empower, we’re nurturing a generation of confident individuals ready to make their mark.

This initiative also extends its arms to brands. By collaborating with diverse and authentic models, we’re not just showcasing fashion, we’re celebrating the stories behind it. In today’s world, consumers seek brands that align with their values. By embracing diversity, brands become advocates for change, showing that beauty knows no boundaries and fashion is for everyone.

Our journey isn’t just about individual growth; it’s also about fostering unity among communities. By connecting diverse models from various walks of life, we’re weaving a tapestry of cultures, experiences and stories. These connections transcend borders, nurturing understanding and bridging gaps. Through collaborations that span beyond fashion, we’re fostering a sense of togetherness that goes beyond the superficial.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to my team: Carla Conlin, Ari Banerjee, Lauren O’Brien, Ella Corbett, Tiana Schaper, Bailey Wilson & Julia Lazareva for making this transformative journey possible. This A-Team is a testament to the power of embracing authenticity, celebrating diversity and standing united in a sisterhood that is kind & respectful.



PIONEERING CHANGE: The heart behind the Australian Supermodel of the Year Initiative by Kal Kalim

XPLAINED is our initiative to share, collaborate, learn and communicate with absolute transparency. The author, Kal Kalim, is a Melbourne based fashion photographer, brand strategist and communication designer who has worked with fashion and lifestyle brands in Europe, Asia and Australia over the last two decades. He believes in the power of authenticity, creativity, originality, kindness and purpose. Purposeful and meaningful communication is at the core of every campaign or collaboration that he likes being a part of. Kal especially loves working with brands & businesses that strengthen local communities and are inspiring the next generation of creators, designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs to be authentic, creative & kind.

Kal also manages an educational & learning-style beauty pageant & modelling academy called ASOTY ( Australian Supermodel of the Year ). ASOTY is focused on helping girls discover their inner beauty and the true supermodel within them. And prepare them for the fashion and beauty industry through relevant coaching & ongoing mentoring. A similar program for men was initiated in India too during the pandemic. CDMTM ( Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man ) is world’s first hybrid program focused on coaching and grooming men towards becoming a better version of themselves. 

Kal loves travelling, and collaborating with people who want to make this world a better place through their word, walk and work.

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